This is kampung

How can STAR belittle Merdeka. Bloody STAR.

The right of reply

Of late I’m really enraged by the Star. They don’t seem to want us to have a focal point and driving us further and further apart.

But today was the nail in the coffin. STAR did not cover the merdeka news as main news. Not even second page or third page. Its covered in page 20 onwards. The STAR is too much.

They did once before giving our king maiden parliamentary speech as a back page. Putting other unknown personality against our king.

This is a deliberate agenda by STAR. They will drive us apart further. Central to this is to downplay our strong tradition and culture and focus more on their so call “left wing” agenda. This must stop.

There is no harm to highlight merdeka. So what if that the merdeka was obtained by tunku, Umno and BN. Its a historical fact. Our nation and constitution is founded…

Lihat pos aslinya 104 kata lagi


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